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Dan Charbonnet

Dan Charbonnet is a Louisiana native and graduate of the University of New Orleans where he received a Masters of Fine Arts in painting. His works are in museums and private collections across the country.  


Dan Charbonnet’s art is grounded in the rudiments of painting. He strives to achieve balance between process and application. The construction process comprises actions like ripping, stretching, heating, stapling, fraying, and sewing the canvas, while the application involves the taping, priming, painting (hard lines, soft lines, washes, gestures), and curating color.


For Charbonnet the studio work, both as an object and compulsive action, is about being aware and being present. His creative process involves the distillation of experience and composing these moments into painting constructions. These arrangements of material, space, and color pursue harmony and intention. The creative drive is a destination and struggle that both exercise and nurture mental health.