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Ryoko Endo

Ryoko Endo (b.1951) was born into a traditional family in Fukushima, Japan and attended a Catholic mission school. As a child, her mother encouraged her to wear a glove on her dominant left hand so that she would learn to use her right, as it was thought that left-handed children brought shame onto a family. Because of this experience, she can equally paint with both hands. Upon moving to New York City in 1994, one of her instructors was second-generation Abstract Expressionist painter Kikuo Saito. Saito inspired her to create colorful abstract paintings, which continues to be her focus today. Endo’s paintings explore the union between color and movement. She pursues the possibilities of various color combinations, which convey emotion. The way she moves each element empowers her paintings, and brushstrokes vary according to speed, thickness, density, and rhythm.
Endo studied graphic design and typography at Musashino Art University in Tokyo and then furthered her studies in painting at the Art Students League, NY. She has  exhibited extensively, and primarily throughout New York in both solo and group exhibitions as well as at art fairs including the Hamptons Fine Art Fair, NY; Art Wynwood, FL; and Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, FL. Endo has received a Trudy and Henry Gillette Painting scholarship, a grant from the Fantasy Fountain Fund Inc., and is directly involved with the KinoSaito Arts Center, NY.