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LA to TX
Jerry Cabrera, Haven 238- 242, 2014

Jerry Cabrera

Haven 238- 242, 2014

oil on canvas

9 x 48 inches, each



Martha Hughes, Setups 1-6, 2014

Martha Hughes

Setups 1-6, 2014

acrylic on panel

26 x 26 inches (each set of 9 paintings)

Edward Lee Hendricks, Untitled, 2013

Edward Lee Hendricks

Untitled, 2013

carbon fiber composite, urethane enamel

24 x 24 x 8 inches

Anastasia Pelias, Brianna, 2014

Anastasia Pelias

Brianna, 2014

oil on canvas

72 x 72 inches 

Jeffrey Pitt, Evolution, 2012

Jeffrey Pitt

Evolution, 2012

oil paint marker on canvas

36 x 48 inches

LA to TX

Octavia Art Gallery | Houston

December 11, 2014 – January 14, 2015

Octavia Art Gallery is pleased to present LA to TX, a group show featuring the work of five Louisianan and Texan artists. The exhibition showcases each artist’s unique approach to color, form and dimension.


San Antonio artist Jerry Cabrera’s Light Painting series captures the preciousness and sacredness of light through his glowing and vibrant rectangular canvasses. Although abstract, Cabrera’s stacked canvases give the viewer a visual escape and create the sensation of looking at a sunset or gazing through an open window from a dark place. Marfa-based Martha Hughes similarly uses a saturated and intense color palette coupled with unusual perspectives to create bold, playful and pared down architectural landscapes. At first glance, Hughes’ intimate paintings appear to be flat, geometric abstractions, yet slowly reveal themselves as studies in representing spatial dimensions of architectural settings. Edward Lee Hendricks’ vibrantly hued and voluptuous welded sculptures are entrancing in their sleek and sensual surfaces. Reductive in color and form, Hendricks achieves tactility in his work, expertly rendering industrial materials to appear inflated and weightless. New Orleanian artist Anastasia Pelias creates large-scale abstract paintings through an intuitive process of layering oil paint and gestural marks. The resultant canvases are lush, painterly and enveloping. Similar to Cabrera and Hughes, Pelias employs saturated, vibrant colors to explore the interaction of light, hue and spatial perception. Fellow New Orleans based-artist Jeffrey Pitt uses line and color in his semiotic-induced works that engage both the eye and the mind with dynamic patterns and complex compositions. Pitt’s signature iconographic elements and color choices provide the compositional thrust in his work, yet his steady and uninterrupted lines offer the viewer a meditative and rhythmic visual path to follow.


The show will open in conjunction with the first annual Hollywood Square Holiday Sip n Stroll on December 11th from 5-8pm at 3637 West Alabama. The event, hosted by the shops and galleries in the new design-centric shopping center, will include music, light bites, warm drinks and holiday cheer.