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William Monaghan

William Monaghan uses industrial forms and fabrication methods to create paintings that distort perceptions of depth and space, explore the role of objects in the authorship of art, and challenge our relationships with the unwanted and unnoticed remnants of consumer culture.

Instructed in the Bauhaus tradition at Yale University in the 1960s, Monaghan trained in the studios of Buckminster Fuller and William Wainwright.  He began to incorporate industrial fabrication methods into his practice in the 1970s, when he established a studio in a sheet metal shop in Somerville, Massachusetts.  It remains a critical part of his New Orleans-based practice today. 

Monaghan’s work has been exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Art, MA; Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, CT; Boston Architectural Center, MA; Addison Gallery of American Art, MA; Worcester Art Museum, MA; and the Contemporary Art Center, LA. He holds degrees from Yale and Harvard Universities and is represented by Octavia Art Gallery.