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Wayne Pate

Based in New Zealand, Wayne Pate’s work focuses on rendering objects and interiors in his signature simplistic and sophisticated style. With bold subject matter and fresh color palettes, Pate often uses pieces of canvas or linen to collage and create layers beneath the paint. In his travels, Pate has amassed a collection of historical objects, which include lebrillos, jugs and water pitchers from Spain, ceramics and terra-cotta pieces from Italy and Greece as well as various vessels from Provence, which often recur throughout the work as repeating shapes. Through subtle shifts in size, format, and contrast, these repeating shapes emerge from the subconscious, giving voice where there is none.

Wayne Pate was raised in Texas and moved to New York in the early 1990’s where he established his career. Pate’s work is included in many notable private collections, such as The Carlyle Hotel, New York and the Palm Heights Hotel, Cayman Islands.