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Stefan Szczesny

German artist Stefan Szczesny studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Munich and in the mid 1970’s was influenced by Delacroix’s paintings, causing him to move away from conceptual and minimalist art in favor of figuration and expressive lines. With a Matisse like quality, Szczesny creates expressive works filled with vibrant color and movement. His images combine flowers and Caribbean landscapes with outlines of the female figure, with the intention of provoking a sense of joy.

Most recently, Szczesny was commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund to complete a series of twelve murals for the Expo 2000 in Hannover. The murals are intended to visually communicate the importance of protecting the environment and endangered species. The whole mural measures more than 350 square meters in size. In 2007 Szczesny set out to conquer Mainau Island, transforming it into a modern Arcadia. The lush vegetation of Mainau Island was combined with Szczesny’s steel shadow sculptures and hundreds of ceramic vases covered with archetypal signs and markings reminiscent of ancient cave dwellings. The final product is a mysterious wonderland filled with floral elements, fruits, nudes and scenes of the Mediterranean landscape. Szczesny’s art displays an allegiance to Primitivism, capturing those subjects which bring him joy, with spontaneity and lightheartedness.