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Rebecca Alston

Rebecca Alston is a New York-based interdisciplinary artist and architectural designer. She is known for her rigorous exploration of color and form, meticulous use of line, and the integration of scientific principles within the visual arts. Her strong foundation has led to the investigation and innovative approaches to experimental mixed media work on paper, canvas, reliefs, and space. Her most recent work explores the tension between environmental, social, and political issues.

Alston pursued post-graduate programs for several years at New York University and the professional program at Harvard University GSD. She obtained her BFA from Auburn University and an M.A. in Architecture from Kansas State University, where she was also an Assistant Professor in Environmental Design and Color Theory and Perception.

She also maintains a studio on the Gulf Coast and has lived in London and traveled extensively in Asia.  She has exhibited widely in Holland, Japan, and England as well as in Mississippi, Chicago, Kansas City, Washington D.C., and New York City.  Alston’s work is in the Permanent Collection of The National Museum of Women in the Arts, The MADI Museum of Art, The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Art, and The Mississippi Museum of Art. She was awarded the Bronze Award by the Japanese Government for the Urban Art Plaza she designed in Osaka. 

Alston's current bodies of art are dedicated to raising public consciousness. Her series “BioForms” and “Earth's Voice” also address the environmental crisis.