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Luke Forsyth

Luke Forsyth is a painter and illustrator living and working in Los Angeles, California. Known for a playful approach, Forsyth enjoys working in an array of colors and mediums. He draws inspiration from the everyday, with subjects ranging from domestic interiors and expansive sweeping landscapes. Forsyth’s newest series of paintings draws from his background in theater to examine the parallels between visual and performing art. Focusing on art and theater institutions as sites of physical activity framed by systems of display, he distills elements from each discipline to expose performance in life and life in performance. Forsyth’s paintings are both stage and tableaux; using stagecraft as physical framing devices, flowers and vessels as performers, texture and color as dialogue and blocking. The works are simultaneously playful, alive, still, and focused - like crystallized set pieces from surrealist plays. Forsyth earned his BFA from Humboldt State University in 2005. His work is included in notable public and private collections including The Cedars-Sinai Collection and the Fidelity Investment Art Collection.