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John Poché

John Poché’s most recent body of polished aluminum and stainless steel kinetic sculptures includes both large-scale outdoor pieces as well as smaller indoor works. Many of the indoor pieces come with his latest innovation of custom designed and built pedestals, which include computerized fans that propel the work randomly and silently indoors. Poché’s elegant sculptures are a combination of traditional metalworking techniques alongside cutting-edge software technologies, a synthesis he has spent years studying and refining. The artist says, “Each work is unique, but the real wonder of kinetic sculpture is the constantmotion that keeps the pieces from ever appearing the same. There are limitless looks and positions for every rotating element.”

Poché is a New Orleans based artist who graduated from Tulane University. Previously he worked in radio, built and owned a broadcast software company and managed software divisions for Arbitron Inc. and Clear Channel Radio. Poché’s work has been exhibited in Chicago as well as in New Orleans during both Art For Arts’ Sake and Luna Fete.