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Chris Hayman

Chris Hayman was born in New York City. She attended the University of Maryland while pursuing her Bachelors degree in Art History. She would later attend the University of Nevada where she was awarded a degree in art education. Hayman has had a continuous exhibition history, showing in galleries thoughout the country, most notably in Washington DC, Charlotte, NC Dallas, TX, New Orleans LA, Park City, UT among others. Her work is in innumerable private and corporate collections.

Living in northern California on a farm with livestock and natural surroundings, Hayman’s newest work concerns itself with space. She is interested in how forms are energized by the space around them, especially when incorporated into paintings with vivid contrasting color and thick painterly textures. Inspired by the natural world, Hayman believes painting is a process of constant investigation. She credits Gustavo Rivera, Roland Peterson and Mike Henderson as having greatly influenced her aesthetic sensibilities.