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Carole Eisner

Carole Eisner is best known for her large-scale, monumental sculptures that make their homes in public outdoor spaces. Among parks, museums, waterfronts, and the like, Eisner's sculptures engage with the space and the natural light of their surroundings, which is often reflected off of lacquered metal. Eisner uses materials sourced from found objects like rusted recycled steel and scraps of old bridges, which are reassembled and welded into new forms. In all of her sculptures, small- or large-scale, Eisner explores the malleability of her materials by twisting and restructuring iron, steel, and various scrap metals into abstracted elegant forms, all by way of her welding torch. Eisner works from a studio attached to her home in Weston, Connecticut, though she splits her time between Weston and New York City and defines herself as a life-long New Yorker.


American, b. 1937, Bronx, New York, based in New York and Weston, Connecticut.