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Carmen Menza

Carmen Menza is an interdisciplinary artist creating fine art and technology-based installations utilizing light, painting, interactive software, music composition and sound design. Her work explores themes of time, space, color, perception, and human connection. Menza strives to create work that transforms through the passage of movement and time and that will form a quiet dialogue with viewer. Her work is activated and brought to life through light and materials that reflect and refract that light as you move across them. Many of her works create optical effects for the viewer as you change your angle of incidence, whereas her paintings contain thin layers of pigments utilizing light and reflective surfaces.

Menza is located in Dallas, TX. She received her BFA in jazz guitar performance from the University of North Texas. She has created public and commercial art installations for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, TX; Perot Museum of Nature and Science, TX; McKinney Avenue Contemporary Museum, TX; Dallas Aurora Light & Sound Festival, TX; UTSW Clements University Hospital, TX, among others. She is a TACA 2019 New Works Fund Grant recipient and a founding member of Texas Vignette, an organization dedicated to supporting women artists.