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Ann Marie Auricchio

Ann Marie Auricchio is a painter who explores perceptions of experiences, and the complexities of emotional and cognitive associations we make with our world. The paintings materialize from the convergence of frenetic energy, environment, light/shadow, anxiety, meditation, history, memory, and a pure visceral response to both these physical and psychological places.

Her work often takes moments from the narratives of epic cycles and journeys to further explore what it feels like and to process the human experience. The cataclysmic events that shift us abruptly, the descent into uncomfortable and unknown spaces, and the emergence from the dark shadows to find new hope.

Working in abstraction allows her a freedom and most importantly a challenge to everything that has a clear methodology to achieve an end result. It is a space of metaphor enabling us to confront deep emotional, physical, and psychological experiences. For Auricchio the creation of the work mirrors a similar sense of navigating through this world steeped in tumultuous complexity while working towards some kind of resolved scenario.

Ann Marie Auricchio received her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. A native New Yorker, she now lives and works in New Orleans, LA. Her work is represented by Octavia Gallery in New Orleans, LA and Michal Warren Contemporary in Denver CO. Her work has been exhibited at The Contemporary Art Center New Orleans, The Alexandria Museum, LA; White Columns Gallery, NY; The Painting Center, NY, among others. She has most recently been a recipient of a Joan Mitchell Center artist residency, during fall/winter 2021-22.