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Amélie Guthrie

In her new large-scale embroidery, Amelie Guthrie channels these pleas into a pantheon of alligator activists. While Louisiana contends with the highest rate of wetlands loss in the country, she calls on her fellow swamp dwellers and earth lovers to protect their local marshes. Like patron saints of the swamps, these creatures plead for defense of their shared home. As Louisiana’s wetlands and its vulnerable inhabitants are daily destroyed, she’s summoned these gators to confront the viewer. What are we doing to save our home? What are you doing?

"With this body of work, I examine the rapid destruction of our local paradise and I want to talk about saving it. While man destroys the Earth and her vulnerable creatures, I pine for policy change in our state and country to better protect our planet, specifically our vulnerable wetlands. Each stitch a prayer, I aim to empower the feminine spirits among us. In this sinking world on fire, female energy is crucial for its salvation. For too long feminine powers and perspective have been missing from environmental leadership. Therefore, I’ve chosen embroidery, a traditionally feminine artistic medium, as my means of communication. Often dismissed as a trite pastime for women, embroidery has been used for activism, prayer, and community galvanization for generations. With my own stitchery, I infuse and invoke feminine energies in this quest for environmental healing and salvation." -Amélie Guthrie

Born and raised in New Orleans, Guthrie obtained her degree in art history from Vanderbilt University. She has exhibited extensively throughout Tennessee at the Red Arrow Gallery, ESPS Gallery, Nashville Fashion Alliance's Reclamation, O Gallery, Art and Invention Gallery, and Impact HUB, as well as at the Alembic Gallery, Rome, Italy and The World Youth Alliance International Arts Forum, NY. Her works are included in the public collections of The Children’s Museum of the Arts, NY, and the Historic Nashville Courthouse, TN. Guthrie was the recipient of an artist residency at the California Institute of the Arts in 2017 and was awarded the Periscope Pitch Judges' Choice Award in 2016.